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Tooth replacement options that look and feel natural in Menomonie, WI

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If you have suffered from tooth loss, it can have a negative impact on both your oral health and your self-confidence. While there were limited choices for tooth replacement in the not-so-distant past, rapid advances in dental technologies and materials have provided patients with more options than ever before. At Gentle Dental Care, we offer a variety of tooth replacement choices for our patients in the Menomonie, Durand, Eau Claire, Baldwin, Colfax, and surrounding WI communities that are not just functional, but look and feel great too!

Dental implants

For patients who are seeking a way to replace a missing tooth (or multiple teeth) that most closely mimics how your natural teeth function, dental implants are a terrific choice. Dental implants are often called the “gold standard” in tooth replacement because of their many benefits:

  • Comfort and stability – with dental implants, there is no worry about your tooth replacement slipping or falling out; it feels and functions just like a regular tooth
  • Better oral health – an implant acts like a natural tooth root, which not only provides unparalleled stability for your replacement tooth but also stimulates your jaw bone, prevention the bone deterioration that typically accompanies tooth loss
  • Easy home care – no special care is required for your dental implant; just floss and brush as you normally would and see your dentist for regular check-ups and professional cleanings!
  • Versatility – dental implants can be used to support multiple types of dental restorations—from a single tooth to dental bridges or even full dentures, they are a great solution for a wide variety of scenarios

Partial or full dentures

Dentures are a great choice for patients who are missing several or a full arch of teeth. While you may remember the fake-looking and uncomfortable dentures of the past, today’s dentures are natural-looking and feel great! While traditional dentures are removable and are held in place with natural suction, clasps, or denture adhesives, today’s dentures can also be combined with dental implants for unprecedented functionality and stability, leaving you more confident than ever before in your smile.

Porcelain dental bridges

With a customized porcelain dental bridge, no one will ever need to know that you have lost a tooth. We use modern dental porcelain that looks as great as it functions to craft your new teeth that “bridge” the gap left by tooth loss. Dental bridges can be affixed in your mouth with either dental crowns on the adjacent teeth or dental implants for stability and many years of great aesthetics and function.

Don’t let tooth loss hold you back. Call Gentle Dental Care today to schedule a consultation and learn about the tooth replacement options that are best for your oral health needs, treatment preferences, and budget. Our office can be reached at (715) 600-9004.

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